About us

The band exists since 1983 - after several reshuffles - now almost again in the original formation. The versatile music is composed of mainstream rock, blues rock and reggae elements and is mainly based on the musical 'roots' of the individual musicians. Basically the songs are designed, edited and arranged by themselves. In most cases, the lyrics refer to current events and observe the living environment in many ways. At no time, however, has the band allowed itself to be constricted or adapted to the spirit of the times. In the foreground is still the desire for music and joint creativity. For live performances we have for example rock classics from ACDC, blues rock from Gary Moore and Jeff Healey to ZZ-Top in our program. However, we are not a party band with a sophisticated stage show. For us, it's not the show but the music that is in the foreground.

The Band

Thomas Strüber (voc/git/keys)

“Tom's distinctive voice can be heard well on our song Camelot. Most of our songs were written by him. He's not a big fan of cover songs.”

Klaus Schmidt (voc/git)

“Plays the electric guitar as you would expect from a man of his stature. Blessed with a powerful voice, just what you need to cover Gary Moore songs.”

Peter Penkalla (voc/bass/keys)

“The bright voice is from him. As a contrast, there is the electric bass. He approaches the keyboard again and again with medical precision.”

Norbert Schulze (drums)

“The youngest member of the band gets to sit on the drums. But far away from the microphones.”

Latest Work

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